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Chapter 40 Gravel Road

  • Since they were once again in close proximity to one another, she took the opportunity to observe his face closely. Her heart seemed to skip a beat before it began to thump faster, as her blood roared through her veins. She had to admit to herself that his sharp and chiseled features really were like a work of art. It was not a surprise that many women were willing to throw themselves at his feet.
  • It was just too bad that his expression was always so cold and emotionless.
  • His eyes were like twin pools of unfathomable darkness, placid, with not a ripple of emotion in them.
  • Even while carrying such an attractive woman like herself, his gaze remained staring ahead fixedly. Never once did his eyes stray to her form. How very vexing! If it weren’t for our children, I would’ve definitely suspected that there was something fundamentally wrong about, seeing as you are a man!
  • “Do you like my face that much?” his low voice cut into her thoughts easily.
  • She coughed lightly to hide her embarrassment at getting caught staring at his face. “I’m just curious about why you’re doing this.”
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