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Chapter 362 He Bought That Apartment From Me

  • After agonizing over it for a while, Rocky decided to drop by and visit her. However, for the sake of Yan Group’s reputation, he promised himself that he wouldn’t butt heads with Evan Seet this time. Instead, he would soften his attitude towards that man and treat him like a friendly acquaintance.
  • After all, given his current situation, he couldn’t afford to let Ian pick on another one of his mistakes again.
  • By the time Rocky arrived at Summervale, Nicole and Evan were already gathered around the dining table with the four children. A steaming pot of beef stew had been set down in the middle of the table.
  • Seeing him, Nina exclaimed joyfully, “Uncle Rocky, you’re here!”
  • Nicole looked quite surprised by his arrival, too. “Rocky! I didn’t think you would suddenly drop by for a visit. Why don’t you have dinner with us?”
  • Rocky smiled and shifted his gaze to Evan.
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