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Chapter 361 A Kick On Their Behinds

  • Seeing the huge cartoon lollipop in Maya’s hand, the boys asked why Evan hadn’t bought one for them, too.
  • As he gazed at his two traitorous sons, Evan felt a hot rush of anger.
  • He had taught them hacking skills, and they had used it against him by thieving from his bank account! These two boys deserved to be punished.
  • Evan lifted his leg and gave both of them a kick on their behinds.
  • Kyle looked at him in bewilderment and yelped angrily, “Hey! Why did you kick us?”
  • Juan grabbed his bottom and ran around the living room, howling. “Daddy, we just asked you why you didn’t buy us candy. Did you really need to kick us? You’re too mean! Were we wrong to ask that question?”
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