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Chapter 34 Kidnapped

  • She dashed after the kidnapper immediately. To her misfortune, the man was very fast. With her high-heeled shoes being more of a hindrance now than ever, she tossed them aside before she sprinted after the man barefoot.
  • The man was currently running through one of the less-walked paths of the zoo, which was paved with gravel. As such, the path was uneven and incredibly painful, as the sharp rocks dug into the tender undersides of her feet.
  • Despite her circumstances being as such, she charged on ahead, completely ignoring the throbbing in her feet.
  • “C’mon, c’mon, faster!”
  • She managed to snag the man right as he was about to stuff Kyle into a car.
  • Her hand darted down to grab a few of the silver needles that she had always carried with her. Raising one of them, she jabbed it down into the abductor’s neck.
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