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Chapter 272 What Sylphiette Truly Was Like

  • Sylphiette’s eyes glowed with uncertainty. She had done so much to chase Nicole out of the house, and those two idiots want to reverse all that? No freaking way!
  • “You two shouldn’t talk to your daddy about that. He won’t let your mommy move back in. Also, remember how your daddy spanked you and locked you in the room to have you think about what you did? He will hit you again if you mention your mommy.”
  • “No, he won’t. Daddy loves us, and he won’t hurt us!”
  • “He already did, didn’t he? Never talk about your mommy in front of him again, or he will lock you both up and beat you so much that your butt will bleed. I’m saying this for your sake, understand?”
  • The two kids turned to one another before they cried simultaneously.
  • Sylphiette was surprised by that. Those two kids had always been ridiculously brave and had pulled pranks on her time and again. So why are they crying so pitifully all of a sudden?
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