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Chapter 257 Confrontation

  • Maya spoke with a grin, “Aunt Sylphiette, we’d like a favor from you.”
  • Nina added, “Aunt Sylphiette, I was told that you’re a really talented dancer and we’d like you to be our teacher.”
  • Do they want to learn how to dance?
  • Sylphiette stared at the girls contemptuously as though they were two exotic creatures. Then, she sneered at them and turned them down without hesitation, “I don’t have time for that. Now, get back to where you’re supposed to be and don’t come here unless it’s necessary. Understand?”
  • Maya, who didn’t expect Sylphiette would speak so rudely to them, rubbed her hands anxiously as she threw a nervous look at Nina.
  • Nina was not afraid of trouble. She glared at Sylphiette with raging fury burning in her eyes.
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