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Chapter 202 Apologize

  • Nicole found it strange that Maya was hesitant to reply. Could it be Evan threatened Maya to follow him? Or did he carry her away while she was asleep? What if Maya became traumatized because of it?
  • Stroking Maya’s head tenderly, Nicole swore under her breath that she would never let Evan off in that case.
  • Nicole only took out her phone and saw Evan’s message after bathing the kids and putting them to bed. It was a picture of Maya enjoying the delicious cuisines that she always daydreamed of in a luxurious room at Clare’s Place.
  • Judging from the time that the message was received a few hours ago, Nicole realized that she must have forgotten to check her phone when she went out to search for Maya.
  • She approached Maya in her bed and asked gently, “Maya, I know you’re a good girl. Can you tell Mommy exactly what happened today?”
  • The little girl blinked as she pondered how to begin with the truth.
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