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Chapter 180 Rose Garden

  • The benign look in Russell’s eyes made Juan feel a little overwhelmed. He turned to Evan for help.
  • Evan nodded. “Since great-grandpa wants to give it to you, you’d better accept his gift. Remember to thank him.”
  • Juan looked at his great-grandpa with shining eyes. “Thank you, Grandpa.”
  • “Good boy! How about this—I’ll give you Rose Garden too. You can have your mother move in there with you.”
  • Hearing Russell mention Rose Garden, Evan felt taken-aback.
  • Periodically, a horde of gardeners and maids descended upon Rose Garden to tidy it up. Once, Evan had begged Russell for the garden, even offering to trade Hillside Villa for it. However, Russell had gently but firmly turned down his request.
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