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Chapter 173 Time Will Tell

  • Kyle put the prawn back to his plate after Maya nodded at him vigorously.
  • Shortly after that, they heard a string of footsteps coming from the direction of the staircase. In a swift move, Maya took a swig of the milk and put down the glass before stuffing the prawn into her mouth.
  • At the sight of Nina making her way over to the dining table, she deliberately covered her mouth with both hands and turned around. After some frantic chewing, she stretched her neck and swallowed the prawn.
  • When Nina sat down at the dining table, she frowned at her own plate before turning sideways to observe Maya’s plate.
  • “Seems like the breakfast today isn’t as generous as other days,” she grumbled bewilderedly.
  • “I think the portion is the same.” Maya stared at her with an unruffled look when she continued, “As a foodie, I think the food is enough. You’re going to turn yourself into a fat pig if you think the food is not enough.”
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