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Chapter 1546 Three Days

  • Kyle continued brushing his teeth. He did not even spare a single glance at Juan, who kept nagging at him.
  • Ever since Juan was a child, he had always gotten along with Davin. After growing up, Juan actually bore some resemblance to him. However, Kyle did not want to listen to Juan's nagging so early in the morning.
  • “Are there any news about Uncle Davin?” asked Kyle while he gargled.
  • “Uncle Davin went to K Nation with Aunt Sheila and Grandma. Don't worry. After I fabricated a story about a beautiful lady liking Uncle Davin, Aunt Sheila will definitely keep a close eye on him. He'll definitely stay in K Nation too.”
  • “Yeah. Aunt Sheila must have honed her skills at stalking and monitoring Uncle Davin after all those years.”
  • “Yeah! Uncle Davin and Aunt Sheila have been friends for so many years. They seem quite happy, actually.”
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