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Chapter 1543 Another Culprit

  • “Nonsense! You're just making excuse for yourself.”
  • “Don't jump to conclusions yet. I'd like to ask you a few questions. Please think about it carefully. Firstly, you probably remember the exact date and year of that incident, right? Secondly, Evan has an intense hatred for infidelity. Do you think that the man who slept with you will share the same sentiments? Thirdly, Evan has a birthmark on his chest. Does that man have a birthmark?”
  • Ruby thought about what happened that night. She still clearly remembered the time when it happened.
  • “It was nineteen years ago, on the fifth of August. I'll never forget it.”
  • After that incident nineteen years ago, Steven's revenge failed. After his arm was cut off, he fled for his life and arranged for the Maupay family to live hidden from the public eye.
  • Firstly, he hid in another city for three years. When he had the idea of building a hideout, he specially invited someone to design the blueprint. After finishing all the preparations, he returned secretly and spent ten years constructing the hideout. Then, he started his research on explosions—all to prepare for his perfect revenge plan.
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