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Chapter 1535 There Is This Possibility

  • Kyle paused for a moment and then continued, “However, concerning those rumors, Sally's mother personally declared that you were the one who took advantage of her. For this reason, the relationship between Sally's parents deteriorated to the point where they're now on very bad terms. If this was not true, no woman would say such things about herself. After all, this is not something to be proud of, and no one would admit to having a relationship outside of marriage!”
  • Evan's expression became more upset. Sally's mother said this was true? Hmph! Looks like things are more complicated than I thought.
  • “Is that why you believe Sally's mother more than you trust me?”
  • “I'm just unsure what really happened. You defiled Sally's mother, and Steven came to take revenge on you. That's why you tried to kill him and cut off his arm... All this sounds credible. Daddy, if you think that there's something illogical about this, please just tell us.”
  • Evan was silent for a moment. “Kyle, I just want to know. Do you believe me or Sally's mother?”
  • Kyle's expression was solemn as he remained silent.
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