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Chapter 1532 I Hope I Am Wrong

  • Once again, Juan used the hammer to threaten him. Thinking about the bone-crushing pain he would have to suffer, Skyler finally gave in, afraid to go through the ordeal all over again. Reluctantly, he sent a picture of his mother to Juan.
  • Afterward, he even told Juan, “My mother is the most beautiful lady in Y City. If you try to do anything funny with her picture, my father won't let you off. You would wish you were dead.”
  • Juan carefully scanned the lady in the picture. She had bright eyes with pearly white teeth, and like Sally, she carried an air of elegance around her. Indeed, she was beautiful and charming. No ordinary woman could put up a fight against her appearance.
  • She was a rare natural beauty.
  • However, Juan was not convinced that she was the most beautiful lady in Y city. There was someone else in his mind that held that position.
  • He scoffed, “Did you say that your mother is the most beautiful lady in Y City? I beg to differ because my mother is the most beautiful lady in Y City. She could even earn the title of the prettiest in the world. Your mother can't even hold a candle up to my mommy.”
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