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Chapter 1528 Ask Her The Truth

  • Sally felt like she had been hit with a brick and could not react to the information.
  • A moment of silence passed while she tried to digest what Kyle said to her. “Is what you said true?”
  • “That's what I heard from the rumors. However, only your mother knows the truth to the matter, so you would have to ask her.”
  • Sally's expression dimmed. Are those rumors true? Can I trust them? Dad refuses to tell me why he hates the Seet family and Seet Group so much. Is it possible that this is the reason for it? Is it because Evan had ruined my mother's life?
  • Thousands of thoughts flew across Sally's mind.
  • If Evan was responsible for it, Dad would likely hate him and want revenge. Given that Evan cut off Dad's arm and wanted to take our family's lives after that, then I cannot blame Dad for hating on him. Dad's desire to destroy Seet Group is justified. However, if that's the case, Kyle becomes the son of a man that raped my mother. How am I supposed to face Kyle after I know all of this?
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