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Chapter 1505 The Secrets

  • A basement? So, this pharmacy actually has a basement? Could it be the same as the basements under the abandoned manors?
  • Juan continued prying information out of the pharmacy employee.
  • “Are you serious? Does the pharmacy still need a basement to store medicine when its business isn't all that good?”
  • The employee was silent for a while as she turned it over in her mind. In the end, she decided to go all out and tell him everything she knew, including her conjectures, in order to marry a fine man and live the life of her dreams.
  • “Let me tell you something. We're never allowed to go anywhere near the basement. Once, my boss' brother came back with tons of huge, strange wooden boxes. Seeing that he was struggling to carry them with another man, we thought to lend them a hand. Unexpectedly, we were hauled over the coals no sooner had we made a move. We were even warned not to go near the basement.”
  • “Huh? Is that for real? Why are you guys not allowed to go near the basement?”
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