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Chapter 150 Hatching a Plan

  • As he was irritated by Sofie’s constant pestering, he wanted to hear what creative ideas these children had.
  • “I’m bewildered by why Sofie keeps on pestering him. Why not someone else? Well, birds of a feather flock together. He must be a meanie.”
  • Nina was the first to speak, crossing her arms and snorting haughtily.
  • Evan frowned. This girl seems to dislike me, but I don’t recall offending her before.
  • Maya stuffed a shrimp into her mouth and chewed on it as she looked at Nina. “No, I think that he’s a goodie. That’s why someone is trying to snatch him away. Nina, you’re not allowed to call him a meanie!”
  • Evan heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, I have someone on my side. Looks like this little girl is fond of me, considering she’s willing to defend me.
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