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Chapter 1492 Like Husband And Wife

  • Maya started sobbing as she implored Wilbur to help her find her mother. She felt that it was the ultimate tactic of acting coquettish and playing cute.
  • After all, she had just seen a statement that read: A woman's tears are her greatest weapon. Hence, she decided to use her greatest weapon right then.
  • In her carelessness, she neglected to read the emphasis that followed: Tears are the greatest weapon in front of someone who loves you. But if the person doesn't love you, it won't do you any good even if you cry rivers.
  • At her sudden weeping, Wilbur felt rather discombobulated.
  • But still, he did his best to mollify her. “Uh... Please stop crying. I'll help you search for your mother.”
  • “It's not just helping to search, but you've got to find her. You must locate her!”
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