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Chapter 1484 Someone Lived Here

  • Kyle turned his head around and glanced at her.
  • He did not believe that the beggars hid there because he saw a few imported packaging from the garbage and could tell that one of the small boxes of supplements was costly.
  • Beggars wouldn't be so particular about what they eat.
  • Hence, Kyle was sure that people were staying there. Moreover, their statuses wouldn't be ordinary. It was impossible for them to be beggars or normal people.
  • He remained unmoved and walked inside to the living room. Scrutinizing the place, he saw floating dust particles visible under the sun rays when the sun shone in. When the wind blew, the cobwebs on the lintel and window beams swayed with the wind.
  • It was evident that that place had remained empty for a long time.
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