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Chapter 1483 The Hidden Agenda

  • Kyle looked at Sally with a serious expression on his face.
  • Sally was startled. How should I answer his question? Do I have to tell him everything in full detail? If I let him know that I will only get the antidote to save my dad when I gain control of Seet Group's cash flow and kidnap his mom, not to mention entering Seet Group, I'm afraid he will detain me right here and now. After that, he will force me to tell him where Nicole is. So, how could I tell him?
  • Looking at Sally blinking her doe-eyes, Kyle let out a devilish smile. “We can discuss the conditions in more detail. For example, if you tell me the truth when you enter Seet Group, I can arrange for a top executive position for you. However, if you don't, I can't guarantee anything.”
  • I can't tell the truth. As for the position, it doesn't matter as long as I can join Seet Group. Even if it's the intern position, I don't care. Moreover, I can make my lie sound like the truth. He may not even tell the difference.
  • “Okay, I will tell you. I approached Seet Group to build a good relationship with your mom. Since she's the miracle doctor, I hope that based on our relationship then, she could help cure my dad.”
  • “If that's really your intention, you could beg my mommy directly. She will help,” Kyle said.
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