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Chapter 1476 Seize The Opportunity

  • “If you heard that my mommy is missing, then it's true. That's why I don't have much time to talk to you. I'm in a hurry to find my mommy!”
  • “Your mommy is really missing? How did she disappear? Where did she go missing? This is serious! Maya, let me help you find her. We'd have a better shot at locating her if we work together!”
  • Maya was taken aback by Wilbur's words. Does he want to help find Mommy?
  • “My daddy has sent a lot of people to look for her. You don't need to—”
  • “Maya, I'm willing to help. How about I pick you up from your house? We'll go and find her together.”
  • “Where to find her? Where can we go?”
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