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Chapter 1473 Real Intention

  • “My daddy has many strengths,” said Zayden while chewing his food.
  • Juan nodded and remarked, “Yes, your daddy has a lot of strengths. If you continue to learn from him, many pretty girls will want to be your girlfriend in the future.”
  • Pretty girls? Many of them?
  • In an instant, Zayden's eyes lit up. He grinned shyly and stated, “Really? Then I want to choose a girl like Maya to be my girlfriend. The most beautiful and gentlest girl.”
  • Maya did not expect Zayden to mention her again. She put a drumstick on his plate and uttered, “Girls like me don't need a boyfriend, so don't use me as an example. Hurry up and eat your breakfast.”
  • “Maya, what do you think of Wilbur?” Evan asked abruptly.
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