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Chapter 1470 Sleeping Over With Maya

  • Despite feeling confused, Maya headed to the kitchen as instructed.
  • Seizing the opportunity, Zayden quickly snuck into her room. He immediately searched for a spot to hide after taking a look at the surroundings.
  • After a few minutes, Maya left the kitchen as she mumbled out loud, “What's wrong with the two dressing bottles? It's not like they're bothering anyone. I can't believe everything's getting on Daddy's nerves just because Mommy isn't around. I swear that I'll get the servants to clean the entire house meticulously tomorrow. This time, I won't let him complain about anything.”
  • She then proceeded to her bedroom and locked the door. Letting out a long sigh, she jumped onto her bed and started thinking about her mother.
  • Mommy, where are you? How are you doing? I'm worried sick. Have you eaten? The weather's getting colder, and I hope you have something to keep you warm. God, please give me a clue about where she is right now.
  • Meanwhile, Zayden was hiding in the bathroom. He snuck out of the bathroom and saw Maya lying on the bed. Is she asleep? She's so clumsy. She should have covered herself with the blanket before sleeping.
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