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Chapter 1464 The Maupay Family

  • Seeing that Maya was insistent on urging her to have dinner, a thought surfaced in Sally's mind. Since she was staying in Imperial Garden, Sally perceived that it was best to have a good relationship with Maya. By doing that, she was confident that she could proceed with what she was about to do next more conveniently. Thus, she consoled Maya and went to the dining room with her.
  • As they were on their way to the dining room, Maya shot an indicative glance toward Kyle, who was standing in the corridor. Seize this opportunity, Kyle!
  • Not long after, both of them arrived at the dining room and sat down.
  • Looking at the food on the table, Maya heaved a sigh. “I wonder where's Mommy right now. Did she have dinner already? Is she hungry?”
  • When she saw Maya's melancholic expression, Sally did feel a little remorseful. However, it was not as if she had no other choices regarding that matter.
  • She then comforted Maya and uttered, “Mrs. Seet is a good person. I'm confident that she will be safe. Don't worry.”
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