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Chapter 1438 Discussion

  • “There's nothing to be nervous about. You look great! Just relax.”
  • Maya took a deep breath before following Davin into the hotel.
  • Wilbur was already waiting in the hotel in his custom-made suit. The moment he saw Davin and Maya, he immediately stood up.
  • The night before, his parents told him that Evan had two daughters. One of them was Nina Seet, an arrogant woman who did whatever she liked. Moreover, she had dated someone else in the past.
  • The one he was meeting today was Maya Seet. She was pure, innocent, and had never been in a relationship before. That was the reason why his parents asked him to seize the opportunity.
  • Wilbur fixated his gaze on Maya's face until she stopped in front of him. He flashed a smile and greeted them, “Mr. Seet, this must be Ms. Maya, right? She's gorgeous!”
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