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Chapter 1431 Blame The Good Genes

  • Another brilliant strategy!
  • Nicole turned toward Davin, only to see that his face had turned purple in rage as he said, “But I didn't go. Do you even have to do that?”
  • “Do you wish to go? Even if you go, you know nothing!”
  • Sheila glared at him impatiently and continued, “Two days ago, she called Davin at midnight. She said that she was suffering from headaches and asked Davin to visit her. But Davin doesn't know how to take care of people. So my five best friends and I went to visit her and took good care of her. We didn't even dare to let her sleep for the whole night, worrying that she might suffer from headaches again. Just as I reached home the next day, she scolded Davin and blocked his number to my surprise! Isn't she an ungrateful woman? You better stay away from this kind of friend in the future, Davin!”
  • Davin snorted. “Don't worry. With a wife like you, there is no need for me to stay away from them. They will immediately retreat when they see me! From today onward, I will be a female insulator!”
  • “Hah! That's why I said you're lucky to marry a wife like me! You have found yourself a treasure!”
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