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Chapter 1429 Assumption

  • “Juan, can you invite Sally home for a meal? I would like to thank her.”
  • “Mommy, you don't have to thank her. What she did was just a small thing that's not worth mentioning.”
  • “She has agreed to play dead. How can you say that it's something not worth mentioning? Juan, I want you to invite her to our home tonight, okay? I want to thank her personally, so no more excuses! It's decided.”
  • Left with no choice, Juan nodded and replied, “All right. I will give her a call later.”
  • Kyle, who was standing beside Juan, whispered into his ear, “Didn't you say that she has an ulterior motive in approaching us? You said that she wants to hurt Mommy, didn't you? Then why would she help Mommy?”
  • Juan pondered for a moment and replied, “Maybe her target is not Mommy, but... Daddy?”
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