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Chapter 1425 The Investigation

  • For Nina, the most important thing she should do right then was to establish a good relationship with her grandfather. After I'm close with Grandpa, he'll definitely agree to everything I say. Haha! Daddy, have you forgotten who I am? Unlike Maya, I'm not an honest person. I'm Nina, the wiser one. I guess I have to let you down again! However, you won't have the reason to punish me no matter how disappointed you feel. Just wait and see!
  • Meanwhile, Juan gave Sally a call before heading to Xander's place. “We're going to start investigating Xander. I'll pick you up now. You have to visit his place with me.”
  • “Why do you need me to follow you? He's just a small fry.”
  • “Why? You don't want to go? Are you afraid that Xander will expose you? You're scared that we'll find out your true colors, aren't you? Or are you—”
  • “Nonsense. You're really good at twisting the facts, huh? You want to use me for your investigation, but you insist on making a false accusation against me. How dare you still have the audacity to call me a cunning fox? You're the most devious and pretentious person here!”
  • “Since you know that I'm no gentleman, you better stay obedient to me. Otherwise, you'll have to pay for it. My wickedness knows no bounds!”
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