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Chapter 1422 Chris Is A Good Man

  • Nina's brows furrowed. “He treated me well?”
  • After a moment of silence, she sneered. “He was with me for a few years and showered me with promises. Just when I thought he'd marry me, he suddenly wedded you instead. Is that what you mean by treating me well? He cheated on me. He is an unfaithful partner! You ought to be careful, or else you might end up like me as well.”
  • Felicia grinned wryly. “Don't worry about me, Ms. Nina. There will never be an opportunity for me to end up like you. He will never abandon me!”
  • “You appear to be very certain about that! I hope you will get what you wish for! I hope he will treat you with steadfast loyalty.”
  • “Actually... Actually, Chris is a good man. Though he has abandoned you, I'm envious of you. I will never be dumped by him. Also, he will never have the chance to pamper any other woman apart from you.”
  • Nina didn't know what to say.
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