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Chapter 1421 Cannot Let Go Of Chris

  • “Is that so? Which rich socialite would it be?”
  • “It appears that this girl comes from a good background. If she finds some rich socialites to accompany us, they might even begin to like us. When that happens, won't the rest of our lives be free from toiling? We will be able to live in the lap of luxury without working then!”
  • “Hahaha. Indeed, that sounds great!”
  • Nina felt repulsed as she stared at the thugs who only wanted to live off a woman. How could those revolting men covet a rich socialite? They are obviously punching above their own weight to engage in such foolish daydreams!
  • “Wait a minute. I'll give a call to Sir Musgrave's estate and Wicked Palace. I'll get them to find more people to come!”
  • Nina gave those men a half-smile. In a foreign land, if one wants to be chivalrous, one should be well prepared as well. Especially during a crucial moment like this, it's important for me to flaunt my connection with the duke to get us out of trouble!
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