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Chapter 1415 A Kind Act

  • Where did she go? Well, she's at the hotel sleeping.
  • However, Juan could not tell the truth to Kyle. After thinking for a moment, he replied, “That's her privacy, isn't it? There's no way she would let me know.”
  • Kyle was taken aback for a moment.
  • “All right. You can leave the investigation to me. I promise that I'll definitely find the truth.” After saying that, Juan called someone to order them to find out more information about the poisoned victim.
  • “I don't understand. If the man is taking orders from someone to accuse Mommy and Bernian Hospital of using fake drugs, he could let his wife fake her sickness or even catch a cold to achieve the same effect. Why is there a need to use poison?”
  • Kyle stared deeply into Juan's eyes. “Mommy will never get fooled. Besides, the machine can detect that there's nothing wrong with her, so they would have never given her the medicine, and fake drugs wouldn't come into the picture. It won't work if it's a minor sickness either, as Mommy wouldn't be called to check on something as minor as that. Therefore, only a life-threatening illness could be possible. Plus, I think that the patient is also a victim. She probably didn't know she would be used as a tool to sabotage Mommy and Bernian Hospital.”
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