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Chapter 1410 Get It Done

  • “Why would there be fake medicine in the hospital? Did someone do this on purpose to get you and the hospital into trouble?”
  • Once Maya and Nina were done with their questions, Evan walked up to Nicole. Without asking anything, he placed both his hands on her shoulders and reassured her, “Don't worry about it. I'm here now! Let me handle this for you!”
  • As Nicole looked at the man before her, warmth welled up in her heart. To her, Evan was her pillar of strength. He was someone whom she could always rely on.
  • “Evan, I know this matter is child's play to you, and I have no doubts that you can settle this with ease. However, there is something more important that I need you to deal with. So, please don't get involved in this. Let Kyle and Juan do their investigation.”
  • “What is it?” asked Evan curiously.
  • “I received a call from K Nation. My dad has fallen ill and is in the midst of receiving treatment. But the prognosis is not good. I have promised to go over. Unfortunately, it isn't possible right now given the situation we have here. Will you be willing to go there in my stead and look after my dad?”
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