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Chapter 1409 Looking For Evidence

  • The man was dumbfounded for a moment.
  • When the rest of the patients started to suspect him as Nicole did, he began to defend himself.
  • “I have no idea how my wife was poisoned. I believed in Ms. Lane's medical skills, and that's why I came to Bernian Hospital. I did not expect my wife to die because of fake medications. Instead, Ms. Lane now tries to accuse me of killing my own wife. This is completely unacceptable! Ms. Lane, you cannot simply accuse me like this!”
  • “That's true. When he first came, he specifically requested for Ms. Lane to attend to his wife.”
  • “It looks like we can only rely on the evidence to determine the truth.”
  • The law enforcement officers, who were present, witnessed the dispute and immediately sealed the medication room off. As for the deceased, they stored her body in the mortuary box for further investigation later on.
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