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Chapter 1400 Helping In The Hospital

  • While he was still hesitating, John walked in suddenly. “Mr. Juan, Mr. Seet said he has things to deal with this morning, so you'll need to attend to the contracts of the company's two new projects.”
  • “All right.”
  • Juan sighed as he looked at the documents John placed on the table. At that moment, he knew he would not have the time to go to the hospital and watch what was about to happen. Instead, he could only wait for Kyle's return and get to know it from Kyle.
  • Meanwhile, Kyle rushed over to Nicole's office as soon as he parked his car.
  • He figured that if Juan was right about Sally plotting against Nicole, then it was very likely that she would be with her at that moment.
  • Upon arriving in front of the office, he knocked on the door.
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