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Chapter 1388 Be Harsh To Me

  • Maya could not understand that at all. She vaguely remembered Nicole telling her a similar thing, and she could not understand her parents.
  • Evan fell silent for a moment. “Anyway, let's get back to breakfast. You still have to go to work after this.”
  • Maya remained silent after noticing that Evan did not want to talk more about this topic. She lowered her head and resumed her breakfast.
  • Nina, who was still standing by the dining hall, had a weird feeling after hearing that.
  • She was puzzled to hear Evan calling Chris a great man. Why did Daddy say that? I know how much he loves me. He should be feeling gravely disappointed in Chris to even talk about him. But why?
  • Nina felt that things were not as simple as they seemed to be. C-Could it be that there's more than meets the eye?
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