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Chapter 1387 A Great Man

  • I should arrange for someone to keep an eye on her so that she won't be able to do anything unexpected that will put Mommy in danger. She's like a timed bomb, and I don't even know who she's going after. I need to investigate her background thoroughly. There must be something I can find.
  • On the following day, Nicole was getting busier ever since the hospital started operating. She gradually immersed herself in the acupuncture business that she liked.
  • Seeing how energetic and motivated she was, Evan was happy for her.
  • That day, Nicole was gobbling everything up during breakfast, and Evan advised her to slow down.
  • Nicole took a hurried glance at the watch on her wrist. She wanted to arrive at work as early as possible to treat her patients in time and not neglect any patients.
  • “But still, you have to eat regularly.”
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