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Chapter 1380 Having Children

  • Davin was doing his best to defend himself.
  • “Adapt to his learning method? Please. All you're doing is filling his head with gibberish! I'm warning you. If you keep spouting this stuff to him, I'm going to skin you alive.”
  • From downstairs, everyone could hear Sheila's screams, followed by Davin's miserable and pained cries.
  • Nicole and Evan looked at each other. They both simultaneously acknowledged how perfect Davin and Sheila were for each other. If Davin had married someone gentler, she probably would have been helpless against his antics.
  • Soon after, a set of hurried footsteps could be heard. Davin came running down with his head lowered. Seeing Nicole and Evan in the living room, he quickly begged them for help.
  • “Evan, you've got to help me. Sheila is abusing me! Save me!”
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