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Chapter 1379 Dark Rhymes

  • “What else has he taught you?” Evan crossed his arms and asked Zayden. He was curious to hear what other weird knowledge Davin had passed on to his child.
  • Zayden thought about it as he stared at Evan seriously. “He told me the rhyme 'Rock-a-bye baby' is about a baby falling to its death. What else... Oh. He also said 'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary' is about some queen that tortured people.”
  • Evan was speechless.
  • Nicole looked toward Zayden in surprise. For a moment, she even thought that she had misheard. What kind of parent taught their child things like these?
  • Evan furrowed his brows. “From now on, don't listen to what your daddy says. Understand?”
  • “But Daddy is smart. I heard Luke say the same thing a couple of days ago. Daddy knew the meaning behind the rhymes even before Luke said it. He also taught me that we have to work smart, not work hard. That's how you can learn faster.”
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