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Chapter 1366 Getting Ready

  • “I might need to go back to the office tomorrow for a short while. What time will you be bringing her over, Juan? I'll definitely rush back home as soon as I can,” Nina asked.
  • After thinking for a while, Juan answered, “It's okay if there's only Mommy and Maya around. All of you can focus on your work. She won't be staying that long since she's only coming for a quick visit.”
  • “Why does she have to be in such a hurry? She at least has to stay and eat with us since it will be the first time she ever visits,” Maya asked.
  • Juan silently sighed as he wished that she would only stay for a short while. Why would I want her to stay and have a meal with us? There's no telling what will happen if she stays for too long.
  • Juan had absolutely no way of controlling Sally's actions.
  • “It will be improper for us not to invite her for a meal. It's okay, Juan. Mommy will take care of this and let you leave a good impression on her tomorrow,” Nicole insisted.
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