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Chapter 1365 Companion

  • Feeling surprised, Evan turned toward Nicole. “You used to be so adamant about people being free to find love at their own pace. Why are you suddenly so keen on introducing other people to them?”
  • “Even if they want to find love at their own pace, there should still be a time limit. As their mother, I can't just sit back and watch them march into their thirties or forties all alone.”
  • She paused for a while and continued, “Besides, I only want to introduce them to some new friends and broaden their choice. I'm not forcing them to be in a relationship and trying to barge into their lives; I'm just concerned.”
  • After some thought, Evan agreed with what Nicole had just said. She's right. Moreover, Kyle and Maya are grownups now, and they should have someone that they want to spend their lives with.
  • “I understand. I'll keep an eye out,” he responded.
  • Nicole nodded. “I'll keep an eye out too. If there's a fine young man, let's introduce him to Maya. And if there's a fine young woman, then we'll introduce her to Kyle. We might be able to help them find someone that would want to spend their lives with our kids.”
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