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Chapter 1361 Passed Out

  • Pfft! I'll be crippled after a few acupuncture treatments from him, if not dead!
  • “Since you're done with the checkup, can I get up now?”
  • “No, just stay right where you are. I'll go and get the silver needles immediately and treat you at once.”
  • Eyeing Juan, who had rushed off, Sally inwardly groused, Great, just great! He really can't wait to jab me to death! Fine, I'll just play along with him!
  • Despite having seen through him, Sally lay motionless on the bed. Her calm and unruffled expression seemingly indicated that she had figured out a countermeasure and was quietly watching him put on a show.
  • While making the preparations, Juan glanced over his shoulder at her. “Don't panic. Keep calm. You'll know how skilled I am at acupuncture later.”
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