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Chapter 1360 Cure You With Acupuncture

  • “Do you know the use of an acupuncture treatment room?” A mischievous smile bloomed on Juan's face as he crossed his arms.
  • “Yup. It's for treating diseases and saving lives,” Sally replied.
  • “My mother is an apprentice of an expert in acupuncture, and her skills are superb. I, too, have liked acupuncture since young. As such, I hope that my future girlfriend will also like it. So, do you have any interest in it? If you don't, we don't need to waste our time anymore.”
  • Right then, Juan was dead certain that Sally had an ulterior motive in approaching the Seet family. Therefore, she would go along and agree no matter what he said.
  • Sure enough, Sally answered, “Although I've never been exposed to acupuncture, I know that treating diseases and saving lives is a good thing. I think I'll like it.”
  • You'll like it? Great!
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