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Chapter 1357 Staking A Claim

  • Sally has a silver tongue, so I might not be her match when it comes to verbal sparring. Therefore, I've got to play some tricks and go all out! As Juan's thoughts progressed in that direction, he swiftly had an idea.
  • After thinking the entire plan through, he drawled, “You want to play games with me, huh, Sally? I'll have you know my methods and back out voluntarily.”
  • In the other room, Kyle stared at the moonlight reflected on the ground. He tossed and turned, his profound eyes brimming with worry.
  • Truthfully speaking, he felt that Juan's analysis back at the Seet Residence indeed made much sense.
  • There's no doubt that Sally approached the Seet family deliberately. But what's her motive? And what exactly does Grandma know? Also, does she really have feelings for Juan and is willing to date him? Or... does she merely want to use him to draw closer to the Seet family?
  • While he brooded upon it, he felt that Sally and everything that had to do with her was a mystery. I've got to keep a close eye on her.
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