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Chapter 1352 Visiting Luke

  • “Yes! Something huge has happened! Luke is going to be wrecked!”
  • Hearing that, Tiffany was bewildered, and she couldn't quite make sense of his meaning. She gaped at Levant with shock etched on her face. “What do you mean?”
  • “You'll know when you go to Imperial Garden for a look!”
  • At the sight of his urgency as though some disaster was near at hand, Tiffany didn't question him further but rushed over to Imperial Garden with him.
  • Right then, the children were playing in the toy room happily. Evan had just gotten home from work, but no sooner had he stepped into the living room than Blake came up to him before he could even go upstairs to change. Blake informed him that Levant had arrived with his wife and was seemingly not here for a friendly visit as he appeared to be foaming at the mouth.
  • “Mr. Evan, I'm not quite sure why Mr. Levant is here. Should I allow him in?”
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