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Chapter 1345 The Decision

  • “So, shall we have a chat?” she suggested. Maybe he will reveal his true nature after we chat for some time?
  • Wearing an impassive expression, Kyle nodded and walked into the room. After sitting across from her, he perused her as if she was an object.
  • Then, he spoke in a very formal tone. “Is this how you usually dress?”
  • “Yes! I love to wear this type of clothes and wear heavy makeup as well. They make me feel alive. I think life should be filled with colors and wonders.”
  • “Is that why you painted your face with all kinds of colors?” She looks exactly like a clown, and there's nothing graceful about her. I wonder why Grandma picked someone like her for me.
  • Seeing the frown on his face, the woman could not help but feel that something did not sit well with her. His question, expression, and gaze are odd. Does he think I'm not good enough for him?
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