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Chapter 1344 Blind Dates

  • Immediately, Juan started to coax his grandmother with his honey tongue. “Grandma, you will live to a hundred years old at least. Even if we wait another twenty years to have children, you will still be able to hold your great-grandchildren!”
  • Twenty years? What is this rascal trying to do? Does he only want to settle down when he's forty years old? He would be too old by then! No woman would want him!
  • At that thought, she glared at him. “Nonsense! You will be forty in twenty years. You should be having grandchildren by then, not children!”
  • Juan froze before responding with a smile, “Grandma, that isn't what I meant. What I mean is that we're not in a hurry to settle down right now. Rest assured. We will definitely find our other halves before we turn forty!”
  • “No! I have no confidence that I will live till a hundred years old. I want to see both of you settle down and have children as soon as possible! I want to meet my great-grandchildren.” Sophia's tone was final. She was adamant about having them follow her instructions.
  • Kyle and Juan looked at each other with solemn expressions. Deep in their hearts, they knew there was no way for them to escape the blind dates.
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