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Chapter 1337 Uncle Davin Is A Liar

  • Upon seeing Davin gritting his teeth, Maya nodded in satisfaction. She then turned to look at the two children. “Zayden, go ask your dad. What did I look like when I was younger? Was I like what he said, a fat pig that only loved to eat?”
  • Davin glanced at her before putting on an extremely genuine look and lying, “No, Maya never allowed herself to overeat when she was young. Look at how in shape she is now. Therefore, you can imagine how self-disciplined she was as a child. She wasn't a glutton but a slim and pretty fairy instead.”
  • Baffled, Zayden and Joy looked at each other. Then, they directed their gazes at Davin simultaneously. Scratching his head, the boy queried with an innocent look on his face, “Daddy, that's not what you usually say.”
  • “I was merely joking with you before. Now, I'm very serious!”
  • Still feeling bewildered, the two children looked at one another again.
  • Zayden then asked, “Joy, is Daddy telling the truth?”
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