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Chapter 1336 Maya The Pig

  • Zayden looked back. The moment he saw Davin, his eyes lit up like bright stars in the night. In his adorable high-pitched voice, he called, “Daddy!” Then, he opened his arms, eager to jump into his father's embrace.
  • “Zayden, it's been a few days since I last saw you. I miss you so much. How about you? Do you miss me?”
  • Davin tenderly embraced his precious son and observed every inch of his body as though checking if the boy had any injuries.
  • Zayden giggled as he reached out to pinch Davin's neck. “Daddy, I don't miss you. Uncle Evan's place is great. I get to play with so many people and have lots of delicious food!”
  • Hearing his reply, Davin knitted his brows and pointed at the boy's chest. “You little brat. Don't you have any conscience? How can you not miss your dad?”
  • “Daddy, it's so fun here. I-I don't have any time to think about you.” Zayden pouted as he replied honestly. Indeed, children spoke whatever came to their minds.
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