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Chapter 1333 Gratitude

  • Matthew remained silent. He tried to open his mouth, but no words came out.
  • When her mother saw that the situation did not look good, she walked up to Tiffany. “Tiffany, that's all in the past. Why do you still mention it? Your brother is having some trouble right now. When he gets through this, he will help you in the future as well.”
  • “Even if I'm in a grave situation in the future, I also won't ask him for help! I still have my own dignity!”
  • Matthew's expression darkened a little when he heard that.
  • Her mother's face darkened as well. “Tiffany, blood is thicker than water. Both of you are siblings. You shouldn't be mad at him right now. He is your biological younger brother! You should help him!”
  • “Mom, it doesn't matter if she doesn't want to help. We shouldn't have come here in the first place. You should simply treat this ungrateful wretch as if you had raised her for nothing. I'll just take it as I never had a sister before!”
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