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Chapter 1332 Desperate

  • “Alright, you don't have to talk about the past. Just tell me why you're looking for me this time.”
  • Her mother glanced at the little boy, who had lowered his head, and said with tears streaming down her miserable face, “Tiffany, I'm well aware of your current level of success, and right now, money is just a number to you. But your younger brother, on the other hand, is currently living a miserable life as a result of his business failure. He also doesn't have any money in his possession. It is currently difficult to live in this world without money. So, do you think you can help him?”
  • Tiffany then shifted her gaze from her mother to her younger brother. When she looked at her brother, memories from the past began to flood her mind.
  • How should I even describe this brother of mine? After her divorce, she had tried to ask her younger brother for help when she was homeless.
  • At that time, she was holding her baby and planned to stay at her younger brother's house.
  • “Matthew, do you think you could let us live in your spare house? My child is currently with me, and we require a temporary shelter for the time being.”
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