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Chapter 1319 Disastrous Consequences

  • “Hahahaha! That's even better! If she ever dares to pester me, I'll scare...” Juan suddenly trailed off as he felt Evan's cold gaze on him.
  • What does Grandma see in that woman? She doesn't suit me at all!
  • Looking at Evan's tight expression, Juan's heartbeat quickened. Is Daddy going to punish me?
  • Suddenly, he was caught off guard as a feather duster hit him from the back. He immediately turned around and saw Nicole glaring at him.
  • “Mommy, why did you hit me?”
  • “How can you bully your female classmates like that? Who will marry you in the future if you act like some sort of thug? I have to punish you so that you'll behave yourself next time!”
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